Forever in marriage is a MIGHTY long time

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Marriage is supposed to be Forever

Don’t you remember standing before the pastor or judge or whoever that married you saying “til death do us part?” On that day, while you were high off all of the endorphins in the world forever did not seem that far away. It seemed like this marriage thing would be so easy that you would be able to do a “couple of forevers” with your boo with your eyes blindfolded and your hands tied behind your back. Well, fast forward a few years when you are now more than a wife. You are now a mommy, a high profile employee/employer at your job and just doing way too much. But you are stretched thin forever. Thus, the last thing on your mind is sex and forever well forever is just that.. forever away.
In our group, we are first to quote the Bible and the part about the marriage bed not being defiled. What does that mean actually? Quite frankly to me in my best Dr. Kre words, it means that forever is a very long time to lay flat on your back. It really really is. So often times we forget what it took, in the beginning, to keep things fresh and new. This may be because your job requirements at home and/ or work may not have been as demanding back then as they are now.


I challenge you to be adventurous and reach back into that Rolodex of tricks from the good old days. If it has been too long there are some very fun and exciting things you can try. We have found it quite fun to do the 7 days of sex challenge by Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo of ONE Extraordinary Love. They also have the 30 days of sex challenge as well for those of you that have the 7 days down pack. LOL. It sounded so easy. We had to get quite creative because we both work A LOT of hours each day, have a toddler, and just a ton of frivolous things to do that can get in the way of intimacy. If you find yourself off track intimately, it is easier said than done at times but let’s get back on the wagon. It also challenges you to be more creative! For forever sake. We had a lot of fun doing the challenge and I recommend you try it too!

Make the time because you have the time

A thought would be to consider trying to do some type challenge once a year. This may jump-start your love life to new heights. One thing is for sure, it won’t hurt to try. Forever is a long time to do the same thing over and over. Let today be your day for new beginnings. Biblically speaking, the marriage bed is not defiled! What can you do to make getting to your forever more adventurous and fun?
Dr. Ankrehah Trimble Johnson aka "Dr Kre"


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