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5 Reasons Why Wifeology IS EPIC

Where can upper-level professionals gather and let their hair down while ultimately feeling like more than a business title? Where can these women go and not have to answer to the term “honey or mommy” and find a common ground? Wifeology!

That special event has been in existance since 2018 and usually takes place in Birmingham, AL.  However, when COVID made her debut we have pivoted to a virutal event!  That means wifeology is now global! I can silently hear your thoughts, “is this event even necessary?” I boldly say, as the Chief Wifeologist and say yes it necessary; especially when you’re a working wife and your job never ends. You are trying to effectively climb the corporate ladder (by day) and keeping a happy home (by night) this is a daunting task.

Wifeology was conceived because working women continue to commit to taking care of everyone except for themselves. This concept has led to generations of unnecessarily tired wives.

Here are five few reasons why Wifeology is so necessary:

Don’t miss it next year!

Women throughout the United States atten this Working Wife Retreat.  From as far North as Illinois and Michigan. From as far East as Virginia and as far West as Vegas. The deep south of Texas/ Louisiana were represented. We would love for you to attend the Wifeology event.   Husbands feel free to send your tired working wives. I promise that their lives and perspective will never be the same.

Grab your tickets ASAP. Your life will be forever changed.

Dr. Ankrehah Trimble Johnson aka "Dr Kre"


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